Our sparring class starts with no-contact techniques and as the students progress, they start using light to moderate contact while wearing pads. Students are partnered up to learn sparring techniques before using those skills in an actual sparring session. All belts are welcome to attend this class.

The black belt class is for those students who have obtained their black belt. Students learn more advanced techniques, continue to perfect the already learned techniques and train for their next degree of black belt.

Children Ages 8 and older                                 Monday thru Friday 5-5:55pm

This class has a mixture of students just starting out and those who have been in the younger class but are now old enough to move up. The instruction in this class gets more detailed. Not only do students learn how to do the techniques but now they learn the break-down of the movements and the why behind it. There is also more of an emphasis on conditioning and getting the body ready for black belt training. While the students are expected to be serious throughout class, we still have a fun game at the end! Although all belts are in the class, each belt works on techniques specific to that belt requirement. Classes are 55 minutes long.​

This class is a combination of red and black belt students. This gives the red belts a chance to train with a higher belt and see the proper techniques. Seeing the higher belt perform also ignites the desire for the red belts to train harder and strive farther to attain their goals. The black belts get an opportunity to help the red belts and demonstrate what they have learned. Even though the 2 levels are together, separate instruction is given for each belt level.

Sparring                                                                     Thursday 6:50-7:45pm                                       ​

In this class, students start out learning the basics, getting comfortable in a class environment with other children, learning how to focus on the instructor and getting to know the movements of their body. Each class starts with a warmup to get the muscles loose, moves on to techniques in a group and individual setting, then ends with a fun game that also conditions them. Although all belts are in the class, each belt works on techniques specific to that belt requirement. Classes are 45 minutes to adapt to a younger child's attention span.

Children Red Belt                                       Monday, Wednesday 5:55-6:50pm                                       ​

Children Red & Black Belt                            Tuesday, Thursday 5:55-6:50pm                                       ​

This special class is for teenagers! In addition to attending the regular children's class and the red and black belt classes, they are able to attend a class just for their age group. 

The primary focus of the red belt class is to train for the black belt test. Techniques and forms are refined. Students are also taught how to persevere through this process and become mentally strong.

Teenagers Ages 13+                                                     Tuesday 6:50-7:45pm                                       ​

Children Black Belt                                   Monday, Wednesday 6:50-7:45pm                                       ​

Children Ages 41/2 - 8 years old                       Monday thru Friday 4:15-5pm