Internship Program

Kiho Seo - Head Instructor

  • Majored in taekwondo at Kyung Hee University in South Korea
  • Took 1st place four consecutive years in the Taekwondo Department
  • Taught taekwondo to soldiers in the South Korean army
  • Internationally certified instructor and referee​​​
  • Has taught in the US since 1998

Each fall KLS sponsors a student from Young San University in South Korea who is majoring in taekwondo. These students are screened by their professors at the university and by our staff here. Once they are approved, they come to the US for a semester to work at KLS. We look forward to this every year!


We feel it is very important to give our young people the opportunity to learn about leadership. High belts are given a chance to help instruct classes by leading the warmup and holding the pads for students. They also guide our students through the forms. Through this opportunity, they learn how to lead others in a patient manner, how to teach in a way that others will understand, and how to adapt to different scenarios. The higher belts, through demonstrations, also inspire the lower belts to do their best and strive for the next step in their taekwondo journey.