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Marshfield, MA

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Taekwondo is an authentic Korean martial art and Olympic event. Our focus is to teach students the proper way to punch, kick, and control their bodies, while also teaching them the importance of respect and self-control. We teach students to defend themselves and improve their flexibility, strength and confidence. We offer an internationally certified black belt degree recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

KLS Taekwondo


Are you looking for taekwondo, karate lessons, or korean martial arts? Many people ask what the difference is - taekwondo vs karate. Although they come from two different countries, taekwondo and karate schools teach very similar techniques. The main difference is that taekwondo has more kicking techniques and higher kicks. KLS can give you everything you need. We improve discipline, self defense, flexibility, coordination, fitness and overall health in a clean and fun environment. Please visit KLS Taekwondo in Marshfield!!